Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today I Like ... Downton Abbey's 1920s Look

Have you been loving the third season of Downton Abbey (trailer included if you somehow don't know what I'm talking about)? I have always loved the 1920s, so from the first episode this year, I was pumped to see the finger waves, the sparkly jewels, the dropped waist, the chiffon and all the pretty satin wedding dresses.

I don't think it's any exaggeration to say the 20s are about to have a major Moment with a capital M in 2013. Between Downton Abbey and the upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby, I'm seeing the influence hitting the runways and already trickling down to merchants. If you're feeling the inspiration like me, here are some pieces to bring the jazz age into your closet.

Get the Look
20s Style

  1. Peter Pan collar blouse, $30 at Delia's.
  2. Deco embellished top, $79 at Asos.
  3. Accordian pleat midi dress, $138 at Anthropologie.
  4. Cloche hat, $25 at Nordstrom.
  5. Barrette, $78 by Marc by Marc Jacobs.
  6. Earrings, $180 by Lulu Frost.
  7. Birdcage pump, $70 at DSW. 

1 comment:

Kinga said...

This is a really pretty set.

Though I cannot afford those earrings :)