Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Icona Pop, Matt & Kim and Passion Pit Concert

On Monday, Sean and I made our first trip to The Norva in two years! It's crazy how time flies when you're an old person. When I was in college, trips to The Norva happened three or four times a semester to see bands like The Strokes, Phantom Planet, Interpol, Hot Hot Heat, Bright Eyes, Ash, Tilly and the Wall...the list goes on and on. But since returning to the area nearly four years ago, I had only been to see Phoenix in 2010. Needless to say, we were overdue.

We went to see Icona Pop, Matt & Kim and Passion Pit and it was easily one of the best line-ups I've ever seen and so. much. fun. I thought I'd share some of the mementos of the night. Sean didn't even tell me Icona Pop was opening, so it was a total delightful surprise. Dancing to "I Love It" definitely made me feel like I was having a "Girls" moment, minus the mesh shirt.

Matt & Kim. Fun tidbit: Their song "Yeah Yeah" was my first MySpace profile song. That's how old I am!

Two dudes dressed as bananas, much to Kim's delight. The blue figure behind them was also dressed up, entirely in blue. It made for interesting people-watching.

Passion Pit played a short set, due to their regular drummer's illness. They still brought a ton of energy, though, and it was fun to sing "Sleepyhead" en masse.

Going to a great concert has me hyped to go to more in 2013. It was great to see Girl Talk in 2012, but I definitely want to take advantage of our proximity to great venues. It got me thinking about the best concerts I've ever seen...I'm very lucky to have seen a lot. I settled on Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Feist and, honestly, Matt & Kim. They were that good. What's your top list for best concerts ever?

P.S. Have you tried Vine? It's Twitter's new video clip app and I'm kind of obsessed. Here's one of mine:

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