Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Spy: Industrial Letters, Mag Shelving

It's been FAR too long since I last went on a treasure-hunting adventure, so when I had the chance, I decided to celebrate by going to three new-to-me spots. First up, I traveled up I-64 west to Everything Vintage Co. in Toano. The store is an incredible, well-curated selection of primitive and industrial antiques, along with custom-made furniture and vintage clothes. I was seriously blown away by the selection and made a mental note to return if I someday have enough room and money for a custom dining table.

 I saw industrial letters, such as this selection from an Amoco sign...

I seriously coveted this Shenandoah Valley farm table (my dream!!), which was $975 (I think).

The store was beautiful!

This mid-century dresser, for $275. (Do you spy me in this shot?)

Incredible old signs...amazing objet d'art. I imagine it topping a pile of books on a circular entry table. $145.

 Next, I ventured over to the Williamsburg Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which opened last year. Williamsburg is a classy town, so the folks donating are giving away nice and interesting stuff. They had a boatload of hotel furniture that was recently unloaded, along with this super unique $20 art piece, with a really neat frame. How gorgeous would it be in a blue-and-white themed room?

 I also loved this screen door...couldn't find a price though. If I had a cute little cottage, I would be all about this.

 If I had a truck, I so would have grabbed this bad boy. $35 for the perfect stand for magazines/newspapers/books, what have you. God, the more I think about it, the more I want it.

After the ReStore, I paid a visit to The Vintage Rabbit, a great consignment shop. If you're not familiar with furniture consignment stores, they basically set a price, and it goes down every month for three months. They had some gorgeous pieces, like this rust-colored herringbone wingback, which is currently $325.

 I can picture this $400 white chesterfield with beautiful pillows made of this fabric.

 On the one hand, this classic mid-century sofa could use a more neutral upholstery job. On the other hand, I feel like you could work a color scheme around it and make its unique shade work to your advantage. It was $275.

I love the shape of this chinoiserie side table...I can imagine it looking amazing with high gloss white or red paint. $47, I think.

They had two of these upholstered chairs. I sorta loved the colors in the fabric, and the welt around the legs. Like the green couch, I feel like these could pop in a neutral living room and the fabric could actually work with more modern elements to balance it out.

It was good to get out antiquing again! I, of course, picked up a couple silhouettes for the collection...but if I could have, I would've taken a lot more home!


Tallulah Bankrobber said...

Where do you learn your furniture jargon? Chinoiserie? Color me impressed! And I'm pretty sure Peter Dunham stole his fig leaf pattern from all my grandmother's upholstery.

Amber said...

Thank you! I've been reading shelter mags since about 8th grade, so I've absorbed the terminology like a sponge.