Friday, February 8, 2013

Jams of the Week

Guilty Pleasure Jam: The Carrie Diaries:

Part of me thinks any "Sex and the City" beyond the HBO show is sacrilege. The movies...blech (the second one is on my worst movies list). So I was very skeptical of a prequel, even if Candace Bushnell was involved and the producers behind "Gossip Girl" were giving it their touch. To my happy surprise, the show is fun and surprisingly really sweet. It seems both timeless and nostalgic, and I can actually see shades of Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie in AnnaSophia Robb's Carrie. The only thing that kinda bothers me? On the HBO show, Carrie had been raised by a single mom, not a widowed dad. What would have been wrong with exploring that version of events?

Random Tumblr Jam: Frank Ocean's tumblr
It's easy to make fun of anyone putting their emotions out there, and it's especially easy to think Frank Ocean might be taking himself a bit too seriously. But I can't lie, I got totally sucked into his honesty on his tumblr, and even just links he's posted. 

Barely Legal Rap Jam: Earl Sweatshirt

Through Frank Ocean's tumblr, I was introduced to Earl Sweatshirt and was super impressed with his rhymes, especially considering his youth. He's been working for years, and is only 18; even as he was trying to record, his mom sent him to an at-risk school for boys. Ah, teen life.

Style Jam: Fashion Week!

I'll be spending half the weekend getting caught up on the fashion shows at Style. I especially love the presentation for Red Valentino.

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