Friday, February 15, 2013

Jams of the Week

Beltway TV Jams: "House of Cards," "Scandal" and "The Americans"

All I seem to watch lately are shows about insane beltway politics. If I wasn't paranoid after "Homeland," these three shows combined might have made me a crazy person. "House of Cards" was a weekend addiction for us and I can't say enough about it. "Scandal" is frothy ridiculousness, but I kinda wish I had Olivia Pope's certainty and conviction. "The Americans" is unsettling, but really intriguing...I'm interested to see where it goes.

Girl Band Jam: "Forever" by Haim

This has been in heavy rotation on my Spotify. I love the '80s reminds me of old Lionel Richie songs. I also love each and every girl's hair in this band....they're all sisters with the last name Haim, putting to bed my theory that the band was an ode to Corey Haim.

Fashion Week Jam (continued): Zac Posen

I'm still pinning the hell out of fashion week! Embarrassing but true: before Pinterest and before added "style boards," I used to literally save every picture I loved to my desktop for a season, just so I could keep all my favorites in one place. Can you imagine how much space that ate up? Ugh, ridiculous. So grateful for Pinterest to store all my favorite inspirations! Zac Posen's collection was pure glamour, and I loved the unique color palette...lots of vibrant orange, delicate lilac and classic tweedy fall fabrics.

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