Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Spy: Return to Cypress Point Antiques

One of my favorite I Spy adventures was visiting Cypress Point Antique Mall in Virginia Beach earlier this year. I loved the selection, which included the most mid-century stuff I've seen in the area, but hadn't made it back down there since. 

On Saturday, Sean and I went on a fabric hunt for my lumbar pillow project and swung by the store just long enough to catch some cool items! We left empty-handed, but OH, I keep dreaming of one of the following items.

The first thing to catch my eye was this Indian-inspired antique bird cage table, for $385. Sort of a person-who-has-everything decor item, but could be really cool in a home full of curiosities.

They also had this amazing vintage dollhouse, with some furnishings, for $418. It made me wish I had gotten involved in designer Emily Henderon's "I'm a Giant" decorating challenge. Read more about that here.

These guys are pretty easy to find actually, but they're super on trend. A fun elephant plant stand would look great on a patio, as an alternative cake stand for an Indian feast or in front of a fireplace. This one was $40.

As before, the store didn't disappoint with mid-century modern goodness. Sean was all about these low-to-the-ground club chairs (I didn't catch the price...oops) and the Herman Miller coffee table in front of it (that bad boy was $750).

But it was this chrome and velvet desk chair that stole my heart. It was $140 and if I hadn't JUST decided we needed to buy a new living room chair, I would've forced Sean to let me give it a new home. I actually like the rust velvet color, but the velvet needed to be replaced. Imagine a kelly green velvet job!

They also had the most reasonably priced brass arch lamp ever, at $60.

In a bin of fabric, I spotted this old sugar sack for $5. They're great for all kinds of fun home decor projects; you can use them in quilts, frame them, create throw pillows or use them for storage.

One of the cooler, quirkier finds was a table full of Army time clocks...I thought that would be a fun conversation starter. A pricey one though...this one was more than $300.

A sweet $50 could get you this leopard-print stool, perfect for the modern Holly Golightly.

And last but not least, I was digging this $19 set of brass candlesticks. They were a little groovier than your average pair, and I like the lip that collects wax.

So that was my most recent antique hunt...if my husband hadn't been there, I think that chrome number would've been mine, but alas. Any of you Virginians have a thrift store/antique store/salvage spot I should be checking out? Let me know in the comments!

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