Friday, January 6, 2012

First Sewing Project Decided!

After much debate (okay...two nights of debate), I think I've decided what will be my first sewing adventure. I'm going to sew a ... lumbar pillow!

I like the idea of using a less expected shape for a pop of busier or brighter or different fabric, like this large one seen here.

Isn't it kind of fun to have that long line? Another one seen via CKM Interiors.

And it can really bring in a fun snazzy pop of color, like this one, via Daily Tarte.

Or it could tie the whole room together in one long swath, like in this room by Caitlin Creer, seen here.

So I spent the night searching for a fabric that would tie my crazy living room together, somehow bringing harmony to my green ikat and seafoam chevron pillows and zebra rug (which I'm kind of over, by the way). I think I found a couple candidates, so I'm excited to order some fabric and go to town.

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June_Sept said...

Love that idea! There are 2 great places to look if you want to order them (in case you didn't stumble on them yet) always has some kind of sale going on but they have a huge selection. If you want custom fabric, has the ability to make whatever fabric you want so it creates exactly the look you want