Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diane Keaton, I Like Your Style

 I'm finishing up Diane Keaton's autobiography, Then Again. It's a sweet, confessional, heartfelt biography of her family, most especially her mother, who dreamed of recognition.

In the book, Diane is constantly talking about how she was never the prettiest, and didn't know how to dress. Liar!

 In the 70s, she defined quirky style, with minimal makeup and bedhead long strands.

 She made menswear her own, like a modern-era Coco Chanel.

 And on a tall, skinny frame, menswear suited her!

 I'm a huge fan of her perfect hair in "Something's Gotta Give." And also her perfect house, of course.

Annie Liebovitz shot this gorgeous picture for Vogue this past year. Just as chic as ever! She's a testament to the power of adopting a signature look.

Get Her Look

Diane Keaton

It's not a look that would work for all of us, but in pieces, you can get some of that Annie Hall je ne sais quoi. Pick up some tweeds, ties, scarves, big glasses, a bowler hat and peachy lip gloss. Comedian partner not included.

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