Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Spy: Trendy Decor at Target

About a year ago, I made this little resolution with myself not to leap at cheap, trendy decor items as much as I had because a) I have too much stuff as it is and b) I would like to start saving up and investing in quality pieces.

But oh, is that a battle. Because at the end of the day, when you want something trendy, you really probably shouldn't spend a lot of money on it, right? RIGHT? So my knees buckled a little when I wandered down the home accessories aisle at my local Target this week and saw a bunch of items that were so on-trend and cheap, I wanted to put them all in my cart, Supermarket Sweep-style. Here are some favorites.

Above, you've got that horse-y guy for $25. I literally saw an identical item selling on One Kings Lane or Joss and Main earlier this week for $99. Could be awesome on a bookshelf or be just the weird ceramic objet that makes your living room.

The girly girl in me was smitten with this gold tufted ottoman, $50, but I knew the boy in Sean would be very un-smitten with it. I was lying in bed last night thinking the first order of business in our next apartment/home is to decorate at least one room SUPER GIRLY to get it out of my system.

For $25 you could have a chic, versatile Moroccan-inspired cut-out tray. Trays are really wonderful for corralling tiny messes into something that looks like a purposeful mess. Great on bedside tables, on coffee tables, in bathrooms.

They also have these pretty little red-and-white storage boxes for $20. A few of them would look great in an office, or as jewelry storage.

I also loved this super girly, almost Cinderella-esque tufted blue ottoman. $55 for one.

I looooove chevrons, but even I can agree they're totally played out at this point. gold....on a lampshade? Ugh, I kind of love it. I think one of these would look great on a faux bamboo floor lamp like this. I think the lamp shades were $25 each.

And last but not least, how great are these uber-cheap but uber-chic metal side tables? They don't particularly go with the vibe of our living room, otherwise one would've been in my cart in a second. I think they were $70.

Am I alone in the eternal struggle of practical vs. impractical, quality vs. cheap and wishing-hoping vs. I WANT THAT instant gratification? Or are these completely first-world problems and I'm a crazy person? Probably the latter.

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Wow I need to go to Target now!