Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Awards Fashion 2012

I think the SAG Awards are kind of the also-ran of awards shows. They're a brief and tight two hours, considerably less glamourous than the rest and, c'mon, they're broadcast on TBS. But for an awards show junkie like me, it's just another fun Sunday night and another opportunity to ooh and aah over the fashions! Here are my favorites and, ahem, least favorites:

Best Dressed
 I really couldn't be more surprised by my own girl crush on Michelle Williams. She's Jen Lindley, for chrissakes, a character I devoted a disproportionate amount of time to hating. But she's also become this demure individualist, with grace to spare. So I was won over by her interesting red lace Valentino, with a gorgeous neckline and hem.

 I've said it before and I'll say it again: these people are not aging. They just look better! Pact with the devil, I tell you. Anyway, Kyra Sedgewick always kills it, and I thought her Pucci red-orange dress was awesome.

 Miss Viola looked regal in her fluttery white Marchesa...perfect for a winner. My only concern was that her boobs were going to pop out at any moment, but other than that, lovely.

 I love that Tilda Swinton so much. This Lanvin dress is very old Hollywood, but on Tilda, it looks like it's from the future. I love that.

 Julie Bowen is almost chameleonlike on the red carpet, and I like that she's always experimenting with color, wearing different designers and trying new silhouettes. I thought this beautiful fuschia Temperley dress was a great choice, especially for the occasion.

 Emma Stone is so cute, and I thought it was a nice reference to the 1960s-set The Help to wear this full-skirted Alexander McQueen with a red lip.

 I thought Dianna Agron looked better than ever last night in her Carolina Herrera. The styling came together perfectly, the color is magnificent and she looks completely confident.

 You know I hate this broad, but how many people can pull off a dress that looks like liquid mercury? Angelina wins again, this time in Jenny Packham.

On the Fence
 For all intents and purposes, Lea Michele looked bangin in her silver Versace. But I'm giving her a couple demerits for her overt "I'm Sexy" red carpet tour as of late. I mean, check her out, literally pulling the dress back so we see more of her leg!

 I know I shouldn't even consider liking a pantsuit on principle, but Rose Byrne really looks pretty Studio 54 fabulous in this Elie Saab suit. And her hair! So good!'s a pantsuit.

 Zoe Saldana's Givenchy Haute Couture was intricate and detailed and the neckline looked gorgeous on TV, but I just thought it was a little aging, and also thought the tank top-style neckline of the underdress ended up looking like a wifebeater on camera.

 Jessica Chastain is getting a little closer to a better bit, here, but this Calvin Klein dress is such a snoozer. I just want her to whip out some sparkles or draping or JEWELS or something. It almost looks like a very formal bathing suit.

I'm not even skewering Octavia for this Tadashi gown, which is perfectly fine. I'm just fed up with designers only being able to clothe full-figured women in mother-of-the-bride matronly clothes. 

 I actually flip flopped a little on Glenn Close's Zac Posen because I am a sucker for sheer black fabric. And then I snapped out of it and realized this gown looks like it's from Maleficent's couture line. Too much.

 Jane Krasinski's Antonio Berardi dress just seemed like an unfinished thought. It's like one dress is shedding like a snakeskin to reveal another...but not in an artful way.

 I feel like Kristen Wiig needs a little help defining her red carpet style. So far this season, it's been dominated by band aid-colored dresses with strange accessories. Who wears a choker with a high neckline? Who wears a peach-ish clutch with a putty-colored dress? Girl is nominated for an Oscar, people! Let's get this together by Feb. 26!

 Wiig's costar, Maya Rudolph, also needs help. Her clothes are chronically bad fitting. I love that she has an ample bosom, something I relate to, but she also has the power of Hollywood at her disposal, something I can't relate to. Her Naeem Khan gown was too tight in the boob area, then too loose at the waist and is also just boring.

 I thought Meryl's Vivienne Westwood gown was perfect for her audition to play Obi-Wan Kenobi's heretofore unheard-of wife.

And last but not least, I wanted to give Shailene Woodley kudos for daring to wear a print, especially because it conjures the hibiscus flowers in her movie's posters. BUT I thought her L'Wren Scott managed to make a very skinny girl look a little wide; the neckline is awkwardly low and maybe even off-center; her hair and lack of accessories seemed like after-thoughts and it just didn't look great on TV. Nice try, better luck next time.

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Bret said...

i keep trying to will myself into liking michelle's but i desperately want it to be 4 inches shorter or longer with a slight train. i don't hate it, i just want to tweak it or nix the matchy shoes.

lea's dress kills me because she's too short for that sexy slit and that color is so blah. i'd like to see it on someone taller/lankier with great yellow or cobalt accessories. BUT i love watching her pose because it's evidently clear that she's a true theatre person and practices posing in a mirror befhorehand.

Meryl looks like she was at home, got a phone call and was like "well i DO love that new throw blanket i got from west elm and my new prada belt...hmmm"

emma stone is seriously someone i'm now always excited to see.