Friday, January 20, 2012

Mini Living Room Makeover!

This chair has been in Sean's family longer than he has. It has the dents to prove it! It came into our possession three years ago, when we first moved in together and had hardly any furniture. His parents donated it to the cause, and we were happy. It was like Sean's throne.

I hardly ever sat in it, but when I did, I could help but notice the seat almost sank to the ground and the left arm wobbled. It made me nervous, and seemed like something that would be a bigger fix than the chair is worth. I also noticed the welt was beginning to come undone. I started doing what all women do: Harping about getting a new chair. 

So, it is with regret that we bid the old buddy adieu. 

 Coinciding with the chair replacement hunt, I also purchased fabric for the previously mentioned lumbar pillow project! Last night, I finished the pillow and we only got the chair on Wednesday, so the living room has had a mini makeover in the past two days!

The chair is a surprisingly comfortable and embarrassingly cheap armchair from World Market. It is the Luxe chair with Charcoal slipcover. With shipping, the whole shebang cost $245. INSANE.

 I will not lie, the chair is not quite as comfortable as the old chair, which was as well-worn as the chair Frasier's dad always wanted to keep. But it'll get there. Also, I LOVE that it's slipcovered, because it makes for easy clean-up, possible options to purchase a different color if I want to OR attempt to sew my own someday, using that one as a guide.

 I sewed the pillow last night...I would say it took me about three hours, start-to-finish, but a lot of that was spent doubting myself, pinning and repinning. I will include more information about the sewing of it on Monday, but for now, I'll let you know I used Thomas Paul's Perch fabric in Seaglass, from Calico Corners. It was $32 for a yard — a bit pricey, but really good quality.

And last but certainly not least, we've also been enjoying our new Celestial coasters from Anthropologie. My coworker Desiree did the most amazing gift-giving. She went to my Pinterest, looked at the board I have labeled "Covet," saw the coasters and gave them to me for Christmas. I was blown. away. They are gorgeous and have incredible depth; the geode effect comes from firing the glaze.

So that's our new and improved living room! Next on my agenda is a new rug...the zebra print has seen better days, and I always thought of it as my single-girl apartment rug. But next on my DIY agenda: finally making a headboard. My newfound sewing experience has me feeling invincible.

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