Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Spy: Cypress Point Antique Mall

I'm a pretty crazy Craigslist fanatic. I don't often buy anything, but I'm always on the lookout. In my search for mid century pieces, one antique store kept coming up: Cypress Point Antique Mall. It's the very definition of a hidden treasure: way off the main roads of Virginia Beach, on the side of a strip mall. But I saw SO much stuff I wanted, and if you're ever in the beach area, I think it's a must-stop for the avid antiquer.

I am still kind of daydreaming about this tufted white leather chrome 1960s chair, which had a twin. For both, $250. I showed it to Sean, who weirdly said, "Sure." I think he probably wasn't listening.

I loved these three leather stools. They look so manly and hunting lodge-y, but I think could literally work in any room. It was -- wait for it -- $80 for the set.

This 1930s mirror had a gorgeous shape, a pretty little chain and would look lovely in a bedroom, a bathroom or even a breakfast nook. I've already forgotten the price, but I remember it was a steal.

I came thisclose to picking up this 60s ceramic lamp, but I just don't really have a place for another table lamp right now and for once, I'm 100 percent in love with all the ones I've got. But really, it's a super classic piece.

This chrome lamp appeared in the sorely missed Domino magazine, in the home of one Kelly Wearstler (super famous designer if you aren't familiar) and it made me reconsider my present desk lamp situation. It was $80.

I like the idea of having statement pieces, especially in very simple rooms. These tall brass giraffes would surely do the trick. It was $125 for the pair. Wouldn't they look great at the base of a white fireplace, or perched atop a teak credenza?

I was in love with the drawer pulls on this mid-century dresser. It was $250.

Another to-die-for chrome lamp! Seriously, I can't believe I didn't scoop them all up! I think this one was $80, too.

And another fun statement piece, a sculpture of cherries. Very Claes Oldenburg. Could be a fun display piece on a console or a bookcase and would be an awesome centerpiece for a birthday dinner.


Bret said...

claes oldenburg, he's like, way famous.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. You found the mecca of antique spots! I can't wait to go!

Amber said...

Rachel, you must! It's a very, very unassuming spot, so I'd imagine there are deals to be had.