Monday, April 18, 2011

Decor Score: Upholstered Stools

I bought two of these upholstered white stools at the Cypress Point Antique Store for $70. They're upholstered in a very nice white matellaise fabric, but it's got little stains and is a bit fussy for our apartment. 

It'll be a while before I'll be able to afford getting them upholstered, but I think they'll be a good intro to the process since they're pretty small. I'm all about DIY, but I know my limits and this is one project I don't want to ruin. While I'm waiting for cash to accrue, I'm fantasizing about what fabric I could use. I like to mix patterns, and the best way to do it is stick to a color palette. Mine tends to be black and white, green, seafoam and gold. Here are some I spotted at Joann Fabrics and Calico Corners:

Waverly Esmee, $30.

Waverly Folklorica, $45

Waverly Ellis, $30 a yard.

Waverly Mariko, $60 a yard.

Waverly Moorea, $45 a yard.

Robert Allen Mosaica, $35 a yard.

Thom Filicia Citron, $54.99 a yard.

Do you guys have a favorite? I'm leaning toward the last one...I can't help my expensive taste!


Anonymous said...

I actually really like the Waverly Ellis too. A little more boldly geometric.

Elizabeth said...

Have you looked at fabric at Ikea? Lousy thread counts, but fun patterns.

Anyhow, I bet you could do that yourself. I have faith! You're pretty handy and super artistic. I reupholstered a stool once, but a simpler one.

Laura Rennie said...

I like the Mariko, but it's so bold that it'd probably look better just on the cushion part...are you planning on doing one fabric on the whole stool? If so, I think the Citron is your best bet.

Amber said...

I'm thinking one fabric on the whole stool. Liz, you haven't seen me do math...calculating fabric and cutting it is kind of a big mess for me. I want to try reupholstering some day, but I know I would destroy this.

gina-mom said...

i agree with Laura on all points except i like the folklorica or the esmee