Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Spy: Catalog Picks

Do you guys ever settle down on the couch with a stack of new catalogs and go to town circling items for your wish list, knowing nothing will come of it? Yeah, that's a ritual I started with the Sears Roebuck Christmas catalog, but instead of circling Barbie dream houses, now I circle sheet sets. Anyways, here are some items that had me pulling out the red pen after checking the mail:

Have you guys seen the new L.L. Bean Signature line? It's like a J.Crew spin on the Bean classics, with a younger fit. I'm all about this seersucker dress, $99.  

How timeless is this madras shirtdress? It reminds me of the kind of thing Alex P. Keaton's mom would wear on "Family Ties." It's $79.

I'm a sucker for any striped shirt, and this silk one is certainly lovely, but pricey at $99.

I present, the perfect work-to-afterwork skirt ever, the BDG Tie-Waist Skirt, $54 at Urban Outfitters.

I'm a sucker for all things nautical, so I'm loving this bateau sweater, $49 at Urban Outfitters.

It's kinda weird and yet kinda fabulous, but I could see this aluminum and wood side table moving from room to room. $179 at West Elm.

If I hadn't just spent beaucoup bucks buying and creating art, I would scoop up this Lourdes Sanchez print for $179. Also at West Elm.

And finally, seersucker placemats, $14 at West Elm. Perfect for summer eating, as long as your husband isn't as messy as mine!

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