Friday, April 1, 2011

Dressing Imaginary Babies

 Hold up! Hold up! Don't worry...I'm not anywhere even remotely close to ready to have a kid. BUT all of my friends are, so I've been poking around the Internet lately, looking for baby shower ideas. I have stumbled upon my (future) guilty, guilty, really guilty pleasure: designer baby clothes. OMG I die. I just had to share some of my favorites I've stumbled upon in my searches.

I've always wanted to dress my future kids like Caroline and John-John Kennedy (they'll have the same last name, so we're halfway there!) and this $52 coat by Egg Baby is just perfect.
 I picture this with little knee socks and mary janes one day, then chucks and tiny wayfarers the next. Plaid Dress from Petit Bateau, which is basically an entire line of my dream baby clothes.
And I love, love, love this block print blouse, also from Petit Bateau.

I kinda want this Stella McCartney sweatshirt for me.
 Estella-NYC was the most expensive I came across, but this adorable bunny receiving outfit thingie is on clearance for $21.

And last but not least, I'm all over this Stella McCartney onesie. Let's all hope I someday have a little girl, because I clearly would have no idea how to dress a boy! lol.

A note about expensive baby clothes: I am a huge believer in not spending too much money on stuff your baby a) will only use for 2 months and b) won't care about. BUT I think pretty stuff like this is perfect for photo sessions, and I think it might be nice to invest in one nice outfit a season. You can even save the very nicest stuff as either heirlooms or frame them like this.

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gina-mom said...

i wish i could sew and even better smock so i could make future grandchildren clothes like me and my brother had... i had a dress much like the plaid one you pictured and ron had brown shorts with a shirt out of the leftover material from my dress... no wonder people always thought we were twins...