Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Best v.54

Dorothy Parker, at her typewriter. I had a crazy busy week this week, so I have fewer awesome links than usual — a sure sign of just how busy I was! But what I've got is certainly great, so enjoy!
  • For your next party, I present mini pinatas for every guest.
  • UConn won March Madness, but here's the winner in Fug Madness, a much more enjoyable contest if I do say so!
  • I've used Blurb to make books, but I think I'll use Pinhole Press for my next one!
  • All of the clothes in this Etsy shop look like what my mom wore in college and my early childhood! She was a second-wave hippie.
  • Praise God! Britney Spears has a tumblr (or her publicist does...).

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