Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winos Tour Japan

Wine Club continued its tour around the world to the Pacific...or in this case, the Ghent area of Norfolk. We ventured to Katana, an amazing sushi/hibachi restaurant where the staff totally got what we were there for, and guided us through trying these four sakes, plus choosing the bottle we ultimately ordered. Forgive me, I only had my camera phone.

Sake, in English-speaking countries, refers to rice wine produced by brewing, rather than fermenting. Its taste can range from sweet fruity wine to something akin to a sweet vodka. I'm sorry to say I didn't get the names of the sake we tried, but I can say our favorite was the far right, which was actually cloudy from little bits of rice.

For the table, we ended up splitting this bottle of Fuji apple sake, which was so good and primed for fall, that we were joking about bringing it to football tailgates.

 Our samples of sake were served in these tiny little cups that kept it perfectly chilled.

They weren't all perfectly delicious at first ... this was my reaction to the second bottle from the left in the earlier picture. It actually got better...they are all at least super smooth.

 The food was beautifully presented as well...Lauren's sushi looked good enough to paint! Ashleigh and I split a perfectly unhealthy fried Volcano roll with a spicy mayo that was incredible.

And just when we didn't think the folks at Katana could be any sweeter, they asked us to pose for a Polaroid photo, which made it to the wall of fame.

Our tour of the world will come to an end next with Spain, and then we have a busy fall planned with Oktoberfest adventures and — most exciting — a wedding!

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