Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Best v.121

It's fashion week, so you can find me pinning up a storm here. I loved the hairstyles presented on the runway for the Honor show. Sort of like a little girl's fantasy hairsdo.

  • Are you so over the mean things people say during election time? Reading this might make you feel better.
  • Andy Warhol is about to flood the market.
  • A sweet reminder of a first crush.
  • NieNie has the best parenting advice ever. Her kids always look like they have so much fun!
  • Sandlot: Where are they now?
  • A letter to strangers with parenting advice.
  • Does reading Cosmo change your perception of sex?
  • A raucous rendition of Springsteen by Jimmy Fallon and Chris Christie.
  • Ever wonder what a rapper's lyrics are about? Our office is obsessed with Rap Genius.
  • Cop Michelle Obama's stylish nail polish.
  • Rookie Mag asks famous gals about their first times.

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