Friday, September 21, 2012

Jams of the Week

Bad for Me Food Jams:

I had the misfortune of trying both of these incredibly bad-for-me junk foods and falling head over heels. Carolina BBQ is brilliant, like salt and vinegar chips + bbq chips. And Reese's added to chewy Chips Ahoy? I don't know if I can ever go back. (but um, I can't buy anymore or I will need new pants.)

Nail Color Jam: Revlon's Spice It Up
This color is perfect for fall...dark and moody, but spicy red with shiny flecks. Revlon nail polish also holds up really well.

Music Jam: Niki & the Dove
I've been jamming to this whole album for a month or two and it not only doesn't get old, but gets better with more listens. 

Art Jam: Kirkland Bray

Kirkland Bray's paintings are inspired by memories of his hometown before and after it grew from a small town to a bigger suburb. This is oil on wood and I can't explain why, but I just love it. 

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gina-mom said...

OMG!... reese's AND chewy chips ahoy?... i need to forget i ever heard of this... my biggest binge addictions together?... oh by the way have you seen the new pepperidge farm pumpkin cookies?