Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Foods: Buffalo Chicken Dip

I tolerate football season. There are a select few things I like about the sport: tailgating, bundling clothes and eating things that are terrible for me/delicious morsels that warm my soul. Last night I had a craving for a total football food: buffalo chicken dip. I decided to completely shirk my responsibility as an adult to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal and opted to make myself dip for dinner and y'all, ain't no shame in my game. It was worth it.

 There are a million recipes out there, but I based mine off this one. I started out by frying a couple chicken breasts in simple olive oil...while they were turnin' nice and golden, I spread 8 ounces of cream cheese on the bottom of a baking dish.

Once the chicken was cooked, I shredded it with two forks. That's a lot of work folks, but at the end of the day, it's kinda therapeutic.

 The recipe I linked to recommends the classic Buffalo ingredient Frank's Red Hot, but I'm a wimp, so I got Texas Pete's mild Buffalo sauce.

 I tossed the shredded chicken in the sauce and let it sit for a short little bit while the oven, set to 350, preheated.

 I added the shredded chicken on top of the cream cheese, then a layer of Mexican shredded cheese and topped it with a little Ranch dressing. Omg, I think I'm going to go for a run right now just reading that ingredient list.

I baked the mixture until the cheese was completely melted and then ate about 1/3 and called it a day. It was super delicious...creamy and flavorful and easy. Maybe next time I'll share it with some real football fans?


Kelly said...

Do you have a kitchen aid? Cause seriously? The paddle attachment while chicken is still warm from cooking? It shreds like no one's business, promise!

Amber said...

I do, and you're the second person to tell me this in as many days! I gotta give this a shot.