Friday, September 7, 2012

Jams of the Week

I was thinking I'd like to find a way to keep track of my favorite things each songs, books, movies, whatever. I always find it fun to look back and see what I was really into at a given time. Here are my jams at this very moment:

Movie Jam: Bachelorette

The trailer for "Bachelorette" does not remotely do this movie justice. My friend Bret told me I HAD to watch it On Demand (although it's out in theaters this week) and I ended up watching it twice this week. It's funny and captures a real, but not necessarily great, aspect of female friendship, like Mean Girls grown up.

Documentary Jam: "Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present"

If you have HBO Go, watch this documentary NOW. I had heard amazing things about her show, "The Artist is Present," years ago but wasn't able to get to MoMA to see it. She is an incredible performance artist — a medium that can so easily be done badly. This documentary really touched me, and my husband, a sports-loving, contemporary art-skeptical dude, was totally into it.

Music Jam: Cat Power's new music

A shared love affair with Cat Power brought me and one of my besties Ryan together back in 2003. The first time I heard her version of "Sea of Love," I knew I'd walk down the aisle to it and that totally happened in 2010. So, you can't imagine how delighted I am to have a new album from her that is truly one of her best in a decade.

TV Jam: HBO's "Hard Knocks"

Sorry to be the obnoxious person with HBO. But I have to admit, much to my chagrin, that my husband's forced viewings of "Hard Knocks," which follows training camp for the Miami Dolphins, completely grew on me. I think I could enjoy all sports if they were little soap operas of behind-the-scenes drama comparable to "The Hills."

I have to admit, I've been reading this for weeks. Although it packs the chuckles, it's not really a page-turner because it's a series of humorous vignettes, rather than a plot-driven narrative. It's taking me longer than expected, but it is fun.

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