Monday, September 17, 2012

My First Trip to Renn Fest

This past weekend I went to my first Renaissance Festival willingly! Let's just say I'm not so into those olde timey times, but everyone told me that Maryland's Renn Fest cannot be beat. They were right...people-watching and fried food is a sure win.

I spotted this guy dressed as David the Gnome...he told me his gnome name was Thaddeus blah blah blah, but I insisted he was David the Gnome and made him pose for a picture.

All of us with our bee stings, which are 3 parts hard apple cider to one part mead. Delicious!

Holly models her fried mac and cheese seconds before dropping it ... horrors! I had some, too, and it was amazing.

I couldn't resist the flower crown. It seemed weirdly contemporary to me, probably because of Lana Del Ray. It also reminds me of my mom, who loves nothing more than flower crowns from Renaissance festivals.

There were all kinds of cool and weird arts and crafts, including this brass spider...

and this handblown glass vase that looked marbled! I wanted it so bad, but refused to even pick it up to look at the price. Too scary!

All in all, it was a successful first trip. The setting cannot be beat; it's permanent and is tucked into the woods near some farmland in Maryland, about 45 minutes from DC. Have any of you ever been?

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