Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So Long, Zebra Rug!

Back in the days when I was a single girl, living in Staunton in my amazing Victorian apartment, reading Domino Magazine (RIP...that new fake best-of version is terrible), it was crucial I have a zebra-print rug, no matter how fake. I picked this bad boy up for $70 at Target and for the time and the place, it was perfect.

It moved with us to Newport News and the rug worked, especially with the hippo print, but I was getting kinda over it. Especially because it was so cheap and it showed. I really found myself attracted to lower-pile rugs and flatweaves and basically was just totally bored with it and set out to IKEA to buy a new black/white rug with a different design. Lo and behold, of course, it was sold out. Then, my sister-in-law Katie reminded me how I had admired the Alvine Ruta:

At first I was a little's never easy to change your mind at the last minute, BUT, I love it! The colors lighten up the room, but still provide some visual interest, and bring some of the yellow in our dining area into the living area.

I also bought a replacement Lack coffee table, and in a moment of total brain fartitude, I bought the bigger version than the one we'd had! I'm still adjusting to the super-sized version, but I'm actually thinking it will turn out to be a great thing, especially on game nights and wine club nights. 

The rug is also super can go from the living room to the playroom easily, like in this room by Russell and Empire Interiors, found on Decor Pad.

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