Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today I Like ... Moonrise Kingdom

Sean and I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom on Saturday. I'm a Wes Anderson devotee...I know a lot of folks find his movies too twee and too precious, but I'd take his worst film over Transformers any day. I thought Moonrise Kingdom was sweet, winsome and quirky, but with true heart. But of course, with any Wes film, the aesthetics have it.

Get the Look
Moonrise Kingdom

  1. Inlet View fabric by Ralph Lauren, not available online, but can be bought at Calico Corners.
  2. Field Jacket Plaid fabric, from Calico Corners.
  3. Tomato red parka, from ASOS.
  4. Rocket pendant, $199 at Barn Light Electric.
  5. Vintage painting, $80 at Etsy.
  6. Rattan armchair, $349 at Pottery Barn.
  7. Saddle Shoes, $35 at Endless.
  8. Country Living braided rug, $218 at Overstock.

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