Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today I Like ... Indigo

I didn't care much for blue as a girl. Invariably, everyone said it was their favorite color and contrarian that I am, I always zigged when they zagged. But something happened over the years, and I've noticed blue creeping its way into my house and wardrobe in its many incarnations. Lately, I've been really attracted to classic indigo — color of Delft tiles, Japanese shibori scarves and myriad block prints.

Bring indigo style to your stairs...couldn't find out whether these were tiles or wallpaper, but I found it here.

Can't afford to collect Delft plates? Fake it with Studio Ditte wallpaper.

No luck finding this source again, but I love the repetition of the chair fabric and pillow. Indigo really works well with white, wood and lucite.

I love the mix of traditional, ethnic and graphic indigo prints in this room.

Get the Look

  1. Ruffled top, $100 at Pyramid Collection.
  2. Shibori bedding at Macy's.
  3. Shibori skirt, $107 at BCBG.
  4. Shibori scarf, $35 at BCBG.
  5. Alphabet handkerchief, $18 at Colonial Williamsburg. (I want to buy two and make a pillow for the guest room!)
  6. Chinese Brushstroke lamp, $299 at Wisteria.

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