Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Spy: French Posters, Napkin Rings and Copper Glasses

 As I so often do, I killed time before a meeting last night by doing a run through of a couple aisles at the Williamsburg Antique Mall, a.k.a my favorite place ever. I'm starting to wonder how I can parlay my obsession with looking at old stuff into a job...anyone want someone to pick out their antiques for them? LOL. Here are some treasures I found this go-round.

First up: a French travel poster promoting vacations in Brittany. I'm the first to admit decorating with French ad posters is a bit passe, but only when it's an overly reproduced poster you bought at a college sale. This is the real deal, and has the $250 sticker to prove it. Could be really, really fun in a beach house.

 Usually, display pieces in antique malls have the tell-tale NFS "not for sale" sticker or tag, but this bamboo and glass skinny table was yours to take home! For $99, I thought it was a bit pricey, but with a coat of paint (I'm thinking tomato red, metallic gold or pure white), this would be the perfect entry table. It's skinny enough to fit in an apartment hallway!

 I saw one thing I've never seen before: a unique corner chair made from an old bed. It was $124.95. I could just picture it in the corner of a home office or library with a custom cushion, maybe in this fabric.

 I was totally in lurve with these Blue Willow pattern china napkin rings. I think they would be lovely with any solid color napkins, and for $22 for four, they were a steal. Actually, I might need them. lol

 I'm not exactly sure if this little apple glass container has a purpose, but I thought it would be a great objet d' could be a paperweight or hold paperclips or cotton balls. It was $3.

 I thought the colors in these geisha-print teacups would be so inspiring to design a dining room around...shades of rust, hot pink, blue and yellow. Each cup was $17.

 The shape on this wood frame is so unique and commands attention. It was an uber-affordable $45!

 I couldn't find a price for these tumblers, but I was in love with the copper bases.

And, maybe it's because all my friends are having babies, but I couldn't deny the adorableness of this antique child's rocking chair. It was pricey, at $220, but could be an amazing heirloom. Wouldn't a cushion in this fabric be so lovely?

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