Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tortoiseshell Watch

Forgive the poor picture quality, as this was hastily taken with my camera phone, but check out my new watch! It's from Urban Outfitters, and cost $28.

I have been lusting over a $250+ Michael Kors tortoiseshell watch, but I tend to get swept up in watch trends and didn't feel ready to invest that much. I cursed my luck for a while and then one day realized I should just do a Google search to find some alternatives. Urban Outfitters actually had three tortoiseshell watches, all very cool, but I liked this one for its daintiness and cool pyramids. It looks classic and edgy at the same time.

On the subject of watches, many people have stopped wearing them all together, but I could never give it up. I still think it's easier to look at one's wrist than to fish around my purse for a cell phone!

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Laura Rennie said...

very chic! I have a silver and gold Anne Klein watch that Andy gave me for my birthday a year or so ago and I still am head over heels in love with it. Hope you're feeling better!