Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today I like ... Flemish Style

I love finding inspiration from other eras and thinking about ways it could be updated for now. That doesn't stop at historic home tours or museum exhibits; before we had photographs, artists did a great job of documenting the decor styles of their periods. 

I'm particularly inspired by the work of Jan Van Eyck, who captured the simple, yet refined style of the wealthy Flemish folks in the 15th Century. I particularly love the vivid colors and rich fabrics, paired with rustic wood and plain walls in Arnolfini Portrait

Get the Look
I think it would be unwise to slavishly recreate the room above, but there are easy ways to incorporate the vibe, especially the non-Christmasy pairing of red and green.

  1. A little bit of green goes a long way with this botanical fern pillow, $59 at Pottery Barn.
  2. This IKEA four-poster bed is a great modern tribute to the old classic. $299 at IKEA.
  3. Frame the bed with this classic convex mirror, $85 at Kitchen Source, of all places.
  4. A carved wood chair like that in the painting would be hard to come by, but take inspiration from the idea of a heavy, unique wood chair beside the bed. I like this bobbin armchair from Hollywood at Home.
  5. Hang these affordable IKEA velvet curtains on the posts, and behind the bed for serious drama. $70 a pair at IKEA.
  6. An antique Anatolian rug would bring the whole room together. $999 at ABC Carpet and Home.
  7. I forgot to include this in the mood board, but this Ethan Allen brass chandelier would bring great drama to the mix.


Bret said...

true story- i'm currently reading a book about van eyck and the ghent altarpiece. i'm that cool.

Amber said...

of course you are!