Monday, February 21, 2011

I Spy: Wharf Hill Antiques

My by-far favorite stop of the day on Saturday was Wharf Hill Antiques in Smithfield. I love antique stores, especially the junky ones where you just know some forgotten treasure is buried under a pile of old magazines. But there's nothing like a well-curated boutique-style antique shop. Wharf Hill is such a shop, and it looked like something out of "Something's Gotta Give." I swooned, and I'm not joking when I say I almost lost my breath from gasping so much.

I'm not the only one who's noticed; Wharf Hill has been ranked among the best shops in the South by Southern Living. Seriously. Go here.

I spied:

Lovely serveware, clearly labeled in a timeless black font.

And thoughtfully displayed on an antique stove.

General store-style displays of specialty food items, many Chesapeake Bay crab-themed.

A gasp-inducing room full of grain sack tote bags, wooden heart boxes, antique dolls and rocking horses.

I love old toys, even if they can't be played with!

Imagine this chest with a silver tray holding bar supplies and this mercury glass lamp on top! It would be a great place to stash linens, board games and those magazines you just can't part with.

I loved this Irish thistle jewelry set!

The store's rooms all had themes. One was botanical/garden-themed, while another focused on maritime life. This room was definitely the "man" had ship replicas, framed photos of football teams from the WWI era and gentlemanly scented candles.

And of course, a sweet nursery room with whimsical striped chests, a dreamy bassinet and framed antique christening gowns. 

The store left me wanting to move to a small town, buy an old building and start an emporium of my own! It's so lovingly arranged and just a feast for your eyes. I left empty-handed, but my head was full of ideas!

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