Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Best v.49

Happy Valentine's Day weekend! My valentine and I are having a pretty low-key celebration this year; we took a drive out to a gourmet donut shop and relived a bit of our honeymoon, when we went to San Francisco's Dynamo Donut. Tonight, Sean has to work, so I'm doing laundry and making a valentine. :)
  • If you live in the DC area and need emergency sweets delivery, try Sweet Bite Creamery.
  • Should Blake Lively play the young Carrie Bradshaw? I kinda think it would be good casting...maybe TOO good, almost lazy casting.
  • Visit art museums around the world with the Google Art Project.
  • If I were designing a man cave, it would look just like this.
  • Send virtual valentines designed by artists and graphic designers.
  • So cool! This artist created 3-D toile!
  • Check out this amazing sofa makeover.

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