Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Spy: A. Dodson's

My friend Lauren has been talking up A. Dodson's, a decor and fashion shop in Suffolk, for more than a year now. I don't make it that way very often, but Sean and I decided to be adventurous and travel the back roads of Hampton Roads on Saturday.

A. Dodson's, luckily, is on U.S. 17, so it's not really on a back road. Like Anthropologie, its store displays are inventive, creative and artistic, which makes the store a destination for anyone who thinks shopping is an experience. The walls are lined with burlap, feathers, fake vines and paper flowers and leaves. It's mesmerizing!

I just snapped a few shots of some of my favorite things in and about the store. They have plenty of botanical and nature prints, glass cloches and ceramic birds. I liked the butterfly prints above.

But my heart really leaped for this red wire pendant lamp, only $700 (eek!). I picture it over my very favorite dream dining table, the Louis Zinc table by John Reeves.

This garden-inspired room was magical...so magical I couldn't get a not-blurry picture of it!

Feather-lined walls!

And crinkled paper leaves!

I have a weakness for pewter and brass animals; I was in love with these metal pheasants.

The store also sells antiques; this Hoosier chest was updated with a moroccan print fabric and crystal knob.

And Sean pointed out this book, which could literally be my life mantra.

A. Dodson's is located at 2948 Bridge Road, Suffolk, VA.

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