Friday, February 11, 2011

Art Addiction

We have been sick, so we haven't been doing much of anything blog-worthy lately. The news in our life, however, has been almost entirely art-related. For a mutual Valentine's Day gift, Sean and I decided to invest in a painting by his cousin, Emily. Emily is a recent graduate who studied painting, and completed her senior show of works inspired by time spent studying abroad in Paris. I was drawn to this painting of a woman riding the escalator in the Pompidou art museum.

I love the strokes, and the rough effect Emily achieved with sandpaper. Very cool. The bad news about the painting is that it was too big to fit in our car -- 47 X 40! HUGE. We traveled to her house a couple weeks ago to pick it up and after struggling with it beyond reason, we realized it just wasn't going to happen. Luckily, Sean's parents agreed to rent a van for an upcoming trip and bring it down for us. I can't wait to have my French lady tourist painting up on the wall!

The art bug must be catching, because after seeing Emily's paintings, I felt that familiar stirring to be creative. I'm no great painter, but I'm capable, and it really does bring a sense of peace to just create for no reason. Arthur encouraged me to pull out my watercolors last weekend, and after a couple little hiccups, I started to get into it. I started (and completed, but didn't photograph) a painting of this bouquet by Saipua.

I also played around with blending and bleeding, and painted this funny little portrait of Jackie O. It's not so great, but I like the colors.

And I painted a little portrait of Picasso in his striped shirt.

So that's basically all that's happening in the Kennedy household lately. Hoping to get back to cooking soon; I've been eating soup all week!

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