Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally! Anthropologie's Wedding Line

Around this time last year, Anthropologie announced its intention to create a wedding line for spring 2011, and being in the throes of planning my very Anthropologie-inspired wedding, I was momentarily distraught. Don't get me wrong, I loved the hunt for my various accessories, and the line is still WAY out of my price range, but it is nice to see this new entry into the bridal market.

The line, called BHLDN (Beholden...what a dumb weird spelling, but whatever), launched today! On the whole, it's really the perfect line for the Anthropologie girl...a little vintage inspired, with a touch of glamour. It also has everything a bride would need, from gowns to accessories to undergarments.

I will note, it seems to bring together the best of what Etsy has been offering for years. That's a good and bad thing; good, in that Etsy sellers are not always the most reliable, especially with shipping, and bad because it mass produces ideas, often at a marked-up price. But whatever. If it had been around when I was wedding planning, here's what I would have been lusting after:

This romantic Ethereal Monarch gown looks like something out of a John Singer Sargeant painting; $3,200.

The Fondant tea dress is $600, and looks very similar to a great Melissa Sweet gown that's much more expensive.

I DIE over the Tulle Era dress...seriously, I would have worn this in a heartbeat if I'd had $2,600 to spend.

I love this bridesmaid's dress, called the Savoy. It retails for $220.

And this dress looks like something Rachel McAdams' character would have worn in "The Notebook." It's called Citrine Rose, and costs $650.

I love this sweet bolero, which is fairly well-priced at $180.

LOVE these peacock pave earrings, $188.

And if I had another chance to wear a feather headpiece, I'd love to don this plumed tiara by Jennifer Behr, for $825 (which is more than my wedding dress cost! lol).


Laurel said...

This is kind of a stretch, but they still make me happy... For less than six bucks, you could own
these peacock earrings from Forever21.

gina-mom said...

the Tulle Era dress is gorgeous and those earrings and the headpiece, wow...just wow!