Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars: What I Would Wear

One of my Twitter followers challenged me to say what I would wear, and I thought, you know? That's really fair. I should have probably posted this before the show, since I now have an unfair advantage, but here are three looks I pulled together with some cursory perusing around and 1st Dibs. So here goes:

If I were.... A First-time Nominee

 This dress was my favorite in Elie Saab's collection, which also yielded Mila Kunis's lavender dress. I love its movement, its hint of sexiness, but romantic neckline. Red, as we know, is played out, but this is just so lovely, I couldn't resist!

I think I'd like to keep the romantic look going and go for these unexpected pearls. I love the geometric pattern, and it seems like gold/pearls never get their due on the red carpet. I love platinum and diamonds, but you know...let's stretch a little.

If I were ... A Presenter

This Monique Lhuillier isn't ground-breaking by any means, but it moves beautifully, looks comfortable, has an interesting color and comes with pretty jewelry! I think it would look great on camera, and I can just see it with a smoky amethyst eye.
A dress like that might not even need jewelry, but if it did, I think this art deco Cartier bracelet would do the trick.

If I Were ... A Nominee's Date

I love the intriguing color and understated elegance of this Donna Karan gown. It wouldn't detract from my date, who would be having his moment in the sun, but could get me more attention than the average wifey on the carpet.

I'd pair it with these somewhat matchy, but super amazing aquamarine art deco earrings. They would demand a second look.

If I Were ... The Favorite to Win, 
With a Couple Nominations Under My Belt

Most of us mere mortals will never get a chance to wear frou-frou, poufy couture. I'd own my moment and wear this Marchesa. Yes, it's feathers. Yes, it's a bit much. But does it get more "Cinderella moment" than that? Nope, didn't think so.

A dress like that might not need bling, but I'm not sure I could resist these Georgian rose-cut diamond earrings. They hint of nights at Versailles.

So? What do you think? Any of you have your Oscar dress picked out? How about that Thank You speech? I'm from the South, so I'd be thanking my momma and God, obviously.


gina-mom said...

i love your choices... and honey, you're very welcome, y'all

Valerie said...

OH that red dress is to DIE for! I love your oscar posts!! You have the best taste (and you actually know what you are talking about.....)

Bret said...

I seriously found 7 (15 if I could alter) dresses at Elie Saab that I'm currently obsessed with.

Amanda said...

This post just makes me want to exclaim, "Isn't make believe fun?!" :)