Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introducing: I Spy Column

Lately, I've been really good about curbing my shopaholic tendencies and focusing on trying to get rid of stuff before I buy more. But that doesn't mean I'm kicking my window-shopping habit! In an effort to continue to hone my decorating/accessorizing eye and also share my cool finds with you guys, I've decided to start a new feature on the blog. 

I Spy will just be little shopping trips with me. It will allow me to store pics of items that inspired me, and maybe give you some inspiration of things to look for next time you're antiquing or thrifting. My first "I Spy" entry is from my stop at the Williamsburg Antique Mall after work last night (I know, I'm addicted to the place!).

I Spy:

 This glamorous gilded lamp, which is huge and would totally MAKE a room. It was fairly pricey (I think in the $250 range), but I picture it in a simple, classic-inspired room like some of the rooms featured by Katy Elliott.

This cane-sided chair was low to the ground, and was labeled "perfect for a bedroom." I could see it as a reading chair, or low desk chair, too. It's halfway to a makeover; a simple fabric touch-up would make it shine. May I suggest this fabric?

I developed, seemingly out of nowhere, a strange obsession with all things convex recently. I'm obsessed with the idea of eventually getting one of these federal-style convex mirrors (this was $145) and mixing it in with modern art and black and white photography. The antique mall had at least 3 smaller plastic versions for under $30, too.

Antlers were HUGE a few years ago, and brass is having a huge resurgence. This $15 brass antler wreath-thingie was labeled as an inkwell holder, but wouldn't it make a fabulous hook in a glamorous bathroom? I can easily imagine this towel dangling from the antlers.

If I had somewhere to put it right now, I would have been all OVER this brass bamboo bar cart, which is about as trendy as it gets. It was priced at $149, which I would haggle over a bit, but would look great in any room; no bar accessories necessary.

Sometimes I'll look at rooms in magazines or blogs and the owner will have something completely unique that makes you green with envy. This little green Russian table seems like one of those things. For $79, it would be such a sweet, unique addition to a little girl's room or would make a great cocktail table beside a big tufted reading chair.

This cool sequined elephant has a twin, and for $110 you could have the pair. The set would be totally amazing over a fireplace, and could easily go with a brightly colored Bollywood palette or a palette of neutrals.

And last but certainly not least, I spotted this brass shelf ($49) on my way out and immediately pictured it in the powder room of my dreams, which will someday feature this wallpaper. Honestly, this might be the one thing I go back for...I'm daydreaming about it holding fancy candles and a framed picture of Audrey in my bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me! Happy hunting in your town!


Kate said...

I LOVE this new addition to your blog!! You always find the most interesting items and make me think about using them in a way that never would have occurred to me!

BTW I'm now lusting after the chair that you found reupholstered with your fabric choice.

Keep it up!!

Laura Rennie said...

Ahhhh you HAVE to go back and get that shelf! I think it's perfect for a bathroom like you said but also would look nice in an entryway. Who am I kidding it would look good anywhere!

You also need to find a place to put the bamboo cart. It is way too perfect. Emily Henderson (HGTV) would pee her pants if she saw it.

Amber said...

hahah. I love Emily Henderson, tooo! I tried to set my DVR for her show today, but it's too early.

Laurel said...

I have always coveted my grandmother's two chairs that are similar to the one you saw. Hers have dark stained wood and the cushions are maroon and olive velvet. She told me to write my name on a piece of masking tape and stick it to the bottom of them so I could have them when she's gone, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Congrats on your finds. Can't wait to see more.

p.s. does anyone else find this word verification humorous: joysin?

gina-mom said...

your wallpaper choice amused me as Pat Dowd has had it in her downstairs bathroom for about 35 years... the silver on hers is mirrory and that bathroom is always dimly lit... i always thought it was sensous

Amber said...

Mom, I totally remember Pat Dowd's powder room! I bet it's subliminally influenced me forever.