Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is Digital Love

Some of you might remember my good friend Pat Jarrett, who is an amazing photojournalist.

I'm happy to say Pat and his friend, Ryan Loew, have teamed up to start a new multimedia wedding business called This is Digital Love, focused on putting the "journalism" back in wedding photojournalism.

They're combining their talents to capture the real moments of weddings, from the tender and romantic to the hilarious and absurd. I can vouch that these guys will bring a serious sense of humor to your wedding; Pat is also one of the most inspired photographers I've ever met (and I've worked with a LOT of photographers) and one of Ryan's videos was recently featured on USA Today.

Pat says: "We are both journalists and know how to tell a good story, and weddings have built-in story lines. Added bonus: We get it if you play Rick Astley at the reception."

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