Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

So remember when I said I'm not a breakfast person?

I seem to be in active defiance of that lately, because last night, I decided to make breakfast for dinner!

I'm not so great with pancakes, so I decided to take the easy route and use Bisquick, as shown above.

Sean wanted plain pancakes, but I wasn't about to let that happen. I made a batch of chocolate chip pancakes for him, and then added banana to mine!

Man....mushed banana is so hideous. But delicious! Just add mushed banana (more than one, in my opinion; the banana taste was way too subtle) and stir it in with the rest of the batter.

My pancakes aren't pretty, at all, but they were tasty!

Then I fried up some frozen home fries (are you sensing a pattern? Nothing was from scratch!).

And finally, we had some chicken-apple sausage (which was really just okay).

It was so good and I was SO stuffed. Lesson learned: There is such a thing as too many pancakes!


Andi said...

I'm not the biggest breakfast fan, but this looks delish!

I tried chicken-apple sausage once before and you might get more flavor if you slice it and then pan-fry it to warm it in olive oil. The Trader Joe's kind has huge chunks of apple in it. It was pretty good.

Dorothy Rimson said...

Looks so yummy