Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Fashion 2010

The Best

Let me say this: I hate Cameron Diaz. She drives me insane. Whoever thought she should be paid for voice work is dead to me. But in the battle of gold dresses (omg there were so many), her Oscar de la Renta just killed me. I love the shape, the fabric and the sparkles. I will say it's a dress Oscar designs almost every year, but she just looked great.

Sandra Bullock came dressed to win in Marchesa. For a moment I thought the applique might be a bit much, but I am a total sucker for gold lame, and that shape is pure Old Hollywood. Also, I was in love with her simple diamond earrings.

First-timer Anna Kendrick looked soft and pretty in this blush Elie Saab Couture gown, which fit perfectly and amazingly didn't wash her out. I also love that she resisted the urge to wear a big old diamond necklace; I'm not sure I possess that kind of willpower.

In the battle of Armani Prive dresses between Amanda Seyfried and J.Lo, I had to lean toward the simpler. When Amanda walked on stage, she looked like a modern Cinderella, and not everyone could pull off that neckline.

This is how it's done after 50. I thought Meryl looked not only age appropriate and sexy, but very Old Hollywood. That dress looks like something straight out of the Adrian archives or ripped from Bette Davis' back in "Now, Voyager." I also LOVE that she was wearing a gown by Chris March from "Project Runway."

I seriously am not an Elizabeth Banks fan (I don't think she's funny at all and she always sounds a little drunk), but I thought she looked amazing in this Versace gown. And as Sean says, "That eye makeup helps her."

Rachel McAdams patterned Elie Saab gown could have gone so wrong, but I really loved it. I thought she looked like she was wearing Monet's waterlilies or Georgia O'Keefe's lilies, and the earrings were awesome. I also thought she looked great presenting with Jake Gyllenhaal...they could be a cute couple, no?

I'm sure some people didn't like it, but I thought Carey Mulligan's Prada was on the right side of edgy. If you look super closely, the metal work includes forks and keys. Very steampunk, with a very Audrey Hepburn shape.

I loved Gabourey Sidibe's Marchesa; it was draped perfectly and fit her amazingly well. I think she should have her own talk show, for serious.

Best Dressed Man

It's like the tux was invented for Tom Ford, wearing his own design. I heard him on Fresh Air once, saying that he doesn't think of it as dressing up because this is who he is.

Jakey G. looked super classic and handsome, too. A tux is a tux, but it's all in how you wear it.

On the Fence

Everyone on TV was losing it over J.Lo's dress, but I thought it was overdone. I also get tired of her dressing like she's a nominee when she is so very clearly not.

I want to love Maggie's patterned Dries Van Noten, but I'm just not quite there. I love that she's always so true to herself and I love that she wore a pattern and it kinda looks like a kimono. But it also kinda looks airbrushed and I'm not a huge fan of that color blue. Hrm.

I get that Diane Kruger is THE woman to pull off Chanel couture, but I kinda thought the middle made her look wide and chubs. And this woman is NOT chubs.

I almost always want to give SJP a pass just for attempting things no other woman would dare try. I liked the details and the interesting neckline, but the overdone hair killed it for me. Someone on Twitter mentioned it looked like Bram Stoker's Dracula and once I heard that, I could not look at it without picturing it.


Good for Zoe Saldana for wearing serious Givenchy couture. But this seemed like something a six-year-old would design. It's got everything little girls love: sparkles, ruffles and PURPLE! Also, the bottom of the dress reminds me of tissue poms.

I was SO happy for Katheryn Bigelow. She's a hottie — possibly James Cameron's hottest ex-wife — but I thought she looked like a Mother of the Bride. I'm nearly positive I've seen her Yves St. Laurent gown on the rack at Dillard's.

Charlize Theron, you know better! Boob-cupping gowns will never be OK. And especially not in mauve and lilac. This looks like it was designed by a Project Runway contestant in the first episode, not Christian Dior. And the wrinkles at the bottom just add to my anger.

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dognbird said...

Great wrap-up. Love how you included the guys. Have to say my fav or the night was Rachel McAdams!