Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brunch with Pat and Carmel

Last weekend, we were invited to have brunch at Pat and Carmel's new house.

One of the things I love about Pat and Carmel is their complete confidence in decorating their home. Their taste is a cool hybrid of antiques, curiosities, ethnic patterns and pop culture. This is their art wall.

The wall features a mini shrine to Stonewall Jackson for no reason other than "why not?" (Pat and Carmel are Yankees, for the record.)

Chartreuse walls!

I can say with confidence this might have been the best brunch ever. I'm not an eggs girl and I'm over pancakes, so this was a nice spin on brunch.

We had crepes, stacked neatly above.

We had apple-cardamom dinosaur muffins. Woot woot for stegasaurus!

We had fruit salad, care of Arthur.

We had mimosas, care of me.

My brunch choices: nutella-and-strawberries crepe, apple-cardamom muffin, kielbasa slices and fruit salad. Soooo good.

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