Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Natural Summer Necklaces

Fantasizing about summer weather these days.

Summer is really fun on the Peninsula ... walks on the Noland Trail, wading in the water in Yorktown, trips to Busch Gardens, paddleboating and drinking on bar decks.

I hope to be wearing one of these fabulous summer necklaces:
Top: Beach Bounty Necklace, $58 at Anthropologie.
Bottom: Lyra wooden bead necklace, $59.50 at Banana Republic.


lrennie86 said...

stunning! I wish I could afford to shop at Anthropologie and Banana Republic whenever I wanted. You know, either of those necklace would look gorgeous with a honeymoon outfit...say a cotton dress, white cardigan, espadrilles? Go for it, girl.

Amber said...

completely agreed. I usually splurge on an Anthropologie outfit twice a year.