Friday, March 19, 2010

LOST in Translation V.7


Soooooo. This week was a killer, for a multitude of reasons that I will just breathlessly type here: night meetings all week, threat of layoffs, threat averted but sadness for those laid off, beer drinking with those laid off, celebrating birthdays, school board, dinner, Target.

The point is, I didn't recap LOST in a timely fashion, and for that, I apologize. Although with so many other people out there who do it so much better, I'm not sure you really need me around. But I like working out my LOST theories with ya'll.

This week's episode was a dud for me. I love Sawyer, and I was one of those people who was anxiously awaiting his Sideways world in hopes he'd be shacked up with Juliet somewhere.

Alas, no. He's a LAPD cop haunted by his parents murder/suicide and bent on hunting down the man who started the whole thing (who may or may not have a healthy relationship with Sideways Locke).

His partner is Miles, who sets him up on a date with Charlotte, who we find to be a bit nosy and quite unforgiving. What does that say about her?

This episode didn't really light my brain on fire, but here are some observations:
  • Fake Locke tells Sawyer he's the smoke monster (c'mon Sawyer! how did you not know this?) and says he killed the Temple folks because it's "either kill or be killed." To which I wonder, what could kill him? Jacob? Jacob's ashes? Kryptonite?
  • Sawyer's dialogue with Zoe on the Hydra island was hilariously similar to the recon mission Ben sent Ethan on when Oceanic went down. The difference? It seems like Sawyer's playing all sides by just telling everyone everything he knows. Interesting tactic.
  • Who killed the people on the island? Was it definitely Widmore's folks?
  • I loved when Locke explained to Kate that he gave Claire an enemy on purpose. Seemed like he had perspective on his own experience with Jacob.
  • The MIB had a crazy mom? Crazy moms are quite the theme on this show...but he also seems to be playing Kate and Claire off each other. Not sure if Aaron is really his big priority.
  • I loved the moment when Sawyer watched that clip from Little House on the Prairie, in which Pa explained people aren't really gone when they die. Another hint this is a reincarnation situation? Hmmmm.
So what do you think? Were there Big Truths Revealed and I just missed it? Did you think this episode was super lackluster? Are you peeing your pants in anticipation for next week's Richard-centric revelations episode?


Anonymous said...

Definitely, peeing in the pants for the Richard episode... Hopefully it will be somewhat revealing.

As to the lackluster nature of the episode... I agree. It was nice to see more sawyer and his relationship with Miles, but it felt lacking.

The question is, what will he do with Kate (who was dressed to look like Charlie, I thought)?

Amber said...

Kate TOTALLY looked like Charlie then. Good call. I really don't know what to think about that encounter.

Bret said...

so i just watched this episode.

my only comment is why that chick on the other island looked like liz lemon.