Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue Mountain Brewery

Last weekend, we traveled to the Shenandoah Valley, where I lived for three years up until last April. Some of our closest friends live there, so we are happy to take any opportunity to visit.

Sean's BFF Arthur took us to Blue Mountain Brewery, a perfect lazy Saturday spot with lovely mountain views, delicious beer and great food. The Brewery is in Afton, Va., a hop from Veritas Winery and a skip from Charlottesville.

The line-up of beers. I can't remember which is which except mine on the end, a chocolate pumpkin beer. Mmmmm.

Sean and I ordered a brat pizza, with bratwurst, apples, balsamic vinegar, caramelized onions and cheeeeese. It was such a great combination of flavors, but omigosh between that and a heavy beer, we were stuffed for the day!

Sean digs in!

I'm hoping to recreate this pizza at home sometime, but it's more tempting to go sit on that deck in the sunshine the next time I crave it!


Beef said...

fyi: i'm on my lunch break at work and am totally using this entry as food porn. *drool*

Sheri said...

I keep meaning to go to this place. It's totally just up the road from my house. Thanks for the review!

Amber said...

It was sooooo good! Sheri, you should definitely head up the road a piece.

Ashleigh said...

That pizza sounds so good! I am inviting myself over when you make it :)