Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOST in Translation V.5


I had to watch this week's episode twice because I missed 2 CRUCIAL minutes while I was in the bathroom and was, for lack of a better word, lost. I took notes, and then left them in my office, so let's just wing it, shall we?

Theory 1: Sayid was never Jacob
How about that creepy grin that spread across Sayid's face after he murdered Dogen and Lennon? I thought that seemed like proof positive that Sayid was definitely NOT Jacob incarnate. But that wasn't the only reason.

In our previous knowledge of Sayid's lives, Sayid served as a torturer for the Iraqi Republican Guard before the crash. In the post-rescue 3 years, he became an assassin at the hands of Ben (and perhaps by extension, Jacob).

I thought it was intriguing that in the alternate reality (what I call Safe Landing Reality), Sayid still has his torturer past. But I thought it was even more telling that while Jack and Locke both seem to have more control over their feelings in Safe Landing Reality, Sayid somehow trips back down the path to murder. And his victim is none other than Keamy (who I find deliciously evil. I always root for the bad guys on this show!), another guy who was apparently born to be bad.

My point? What if redemption just wasn't an option for Sayid? What if, despite all his efforts to the contrary, he had the heart of a murderer? Could LOST be exploring the idea of predestination — i.e. some of the LOSTIES are capable of changing for the better and some are doomed from the start?

When Dogen explained to Sayid that he needed to stab the Lockeness Monster the moment he saw him, I wondered why he would trust Sayid with such a big task. Perhaps it was a fool's errand to get Sayid killed.

I think it was a way of proving Sayid's scale was indeed tipped toward darkness. Sean thinks I'm crazy, but I wondered if the stabbing move would have worked if Jack or Hurley (who Dogen first asked for) had been holding the knife. Perhaps it takes a heart that's more than 50 percent good to defeat the Man in Black.

What do Jacob and Donald Trump have in common?
The more I hear about whether people could be "candidates," the more I think Jacob was having his own personal "Apprentice"-style competition for the next Keeper of the Island. Perhaps he's testing all the candidates' mettle before making his real choice. Or maybe it's like an insurance policy; he knows someone's doing their duty on every corner of the island.

It seems like Dogen was playing that role in the Temple while Ben was simultaneously ruling the roost across the island. Dogen's story about his arrival at the island sounded a lot like Jacob's recruitment for the LOSTies. But how does Jacob find these people? And what causes them to get crossed off the list?

I also wonder about Ilana's she a candidate or something beyond? She also has an unparalleled knowledge of the island and the Temple. I wonder if she, like Richard, is older than she looks. And remember when we first met her, in a hospital recovery ward? What put her there?

Faux Locke's Promise
So Locke convinced Claire, Sayid and possibly Sawyer that he could help them leave the island forever. And it seemed like a substantial amount of the Temple lackies decided to join up as well (tough choice, there: join or die!).

This just leaves me with a series of questions:
  1. Why has the Man in Black been trapped?
  2. Why couldn't he enter the temple until Claire had made her entrance?
  3. How can he deliver on his promise?
  4. If he just wants to leave, why does Jacob have his linen pants in a wad about protecting the island?
  5. Did Kate join up? She seems to be following along. I felt like she heard something when the smoke monster flew over her that seemed to affect her. Maybe she's just curious to learn more, or to follow wherever Claire goes until she gets that mess cleaned up.
I'm sure I left out many, many interesting talking points. Please share your thoughts, ideas, etc.!

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