Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tour the Venue! Mariners Museum

It's official — we'll be dancing under the stars in this courtyard at our reception. The checks have gone out, the contracts signed.

Hopefully we'll be sipping drinks or eating cupcakes somewhere around here...

We'll be most likely walking down the aisle (the figurative aisle) in this field nearby. I say "most likely" because I'm insanely indecisive and I keep falling in love with different parts of the park and saying, "Maybe we should pick a different field..." But for now, this is my field.

We'll take portraits by the Lions Bridge, one of my favorite places I've ever been.

And while I was there, I spotted this guy. Maybe we'll see one on the wedding day, too.
The entire bridge and grounds — very lovely.


Kate said...

Have you guys thought about what time of day you'd like to have the ceremony?

Amber said...


Amanda said...

Gorgeous! :)