Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ban.do Corsages

I have tried on many, many lovely but simple bridesmaids dresses lately, in hopes of turning them into a bridal look. I kept thinking if I could just find the right corsages or accents, it could maybe work.

How lovely, then, to find that Ban.do has debuted a new set of corsages since I last perused their site!
The Lucile, shown above, costs $225. She and her friends are available here.


Sara said...

That is an adorable idea. I am all for simple wedding dresses, and i think the right strand of pearls and something like this would give a great classy, vintage look. However, that link you included just links to the photo.

I know you have a specific look you want, have you tried to sketch it out at all? Maybe it could help in your search.

Amber said...

yeah, i always sketch out what i want to wear any time i have to go to anything. lol. Like, if I can't decide on an outfit, I'll draw it and make my decision that way.