Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Taco Burger

Every once in a while, Sean and I will pick up those pre-formed patties at the grocery store. They're perfect for the days when I have no idea what to cook, or in the instance we will be eating separately. But I wanted to spice mine up this time, literally, so I coated it in taco seasoning.

Then topped it with the "Mexican" shredded cheese. The thing is, the seasoning really ought to be mixed in with the meat entirely, not just on the outside. It added some zest, but not the taco punch I was craving. It was, however, a nice change from the normal burger with American cheese.

I paired my burger with a peach Nehi soda in a glass bottle, which basically made my day. When I was growing up, Nehi was the brand for fruit-flavored sodas. We didn't have Fanta or Slice, really, but we always had Nehi. I learned on its Wikipedia page that Nehi was based out of Georgia, which would explain why it was so readily available where I grew up but not anywhere north of there. 

When I was a senior in high school, perhaps because we knew it would be hard to find in college, my friends and I became addicted to Nehi. We had the freedom that only seniors have, so we would often leave school between classes to go buy snacks at the Bee Line gas station. Some people always got strawberry, but me and Jordan Owens always got peach. When I saw it at Farm Fresh the other day, I jumped up and down. Delicious.


Ashleigh said...

I want to try that!!

Sara said...

Ground turkey with taco seasoning & a little salsa in the meat makes a really good "taco burger".

Amber said...

Good call, Sara. This was like, lazy version.

gina-mom said...

maybe you could mix a little seasoning in a little salsa and then the cheese?