Monday, June 15, 2009

The Best Party I Ever Planned

As I prepare for my wedding, so many of the details are ripped right from my favorite party I ever organized — a going-away party for my friends Ryan and Mark in the summer of 2007. The party was held at Ryan's home in Rockbridge County, Va. and couldn't have ever happened without a dedicated group of friends who spent the day decorating. My good friend, Sara taught us all how to make fabulous tissue paper flowers, which we tucked into glass soda bottles.

I bought all of these mason jars to drink from; I'm planning to use mason jars for centerpieces, votives and lanterns at my wedding. Amanda and our friend, Ashleigh, took it upon themselves to hammer individual designs into the lids, which was such a lovely and personal touch. 

Since the party was deep in the country, Ryan's parents provided tents for our overnight guests. 

This is our romance tree, filled with battery-operated paper lanterns and paper flowers.

Isn't that lovely against the Virginia mountains?

Inspired by Lena Corwin's wedding, I set up this Polaroid photo booth. If Polaroid film is still available, I'd love to do it again for my wedding.

Gotta love the light of the magic hour.

I scoured thrift shops for antique postcards, which I pinned to this plant along with a note instructing guests to use a "farewell type of sentiment."

We finished the night with sparklers and chugged cheap apple wine. It was perfect and I can only hope my wedding is as much fun. By the way, all of the photos are by Ryan Burke Photography.


Sara said...

That party was super gorgeous. If only everything ever couldn't be in the Burke's backyard.

Amanda said...

That party was super well-executed. Tons of fun, of course, but you clearly thought of every detail. :)

I'm sure your wedding will be everything this party was and more!