Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sundance Thonet replicas

Chairs are a great expression of one's aesthetic outlook. Are they fluffy and nondescript? That person probably values comfort above all else. Antique stuffed velvet? That person values history and a sense of grandeur.

Me? I love early 20th-century European art and cafe culture, so I swoon when I see Thonet chairs. Michael Thonet invented the bentwood chair in Vienna in the 1850s and they've been classics ever since. They're timeless and elegant. And very, very expensive.

An authentic Thonet will set you back a thousand bucks, but these gorgeous replicas are $125 each, $450 for a set of four at Sundance Catalog.

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Bret said...

you have to understand the way i am mein herr.