Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ode to Pampered Palate

So, I know this looks like the whitest, blandest sandwich ever, but I promise it is delicious. 

When I lived in Staunton, I was nearly religious about a sandwich called "The Courthouse" that I bought nearly every Friday from Pampered Palate (the best sandwich shop in Staunton, IMO). 

The courthouse has turkey, muenster cheese and a magic ingredient — cole slaw — on a croissant. It's tangy, it's flaky, it's filling, it's perfect. Cole slaw operates as a condiment AND provides the crunch that usually comes from lettuce. 

I've been jonesing for the sandwich, so I decided to try to make it home. How did it turn out? Meh.

It was still good and tasted almost right, but the croissant wasn't fresh and I think that makes a world of difference. I do think, however, you should all try it.

Can we take a minute to discuss cole slaw? I love cole slaw, but I've met many more people who hate it. What's to hate? Mayonnaise + carrots + cabbage = tangy delicious. It took me three trips to three different grocery stores to even find the right type of cole slaw; everyone was selling random "summer slaws" with cucumber instead. No, thank you. 


Anonymous said...

First of all, I still miss PP. Best sandwiches EVER. Second of all, cole slaw is so good. My hubby is originally from NC, and he loves vinegar bbq, which comes with vinegar slaw. No mayo, malt vinegar, cabbage and carrots. So crunchy and cool and crisp. The day before we found out I was prego, we went to a family reunion and his mom brought us a bunch of slaw and bbq. For the next week, I had that cole slaw for BREAKFAST everyday. Isn't that nasty? It was so good!

Amber said...

Okay, vinegar slaw sounds amazing.

gina-mom said...

sort of off subject but kinda connected... speaking of random toppings: yesterday i had a burger at Macauley's a little roadside convenience store with a deli/luncheonette called Mama Mac's... she asked if i wanted everything and i said yes but no onion, expecting the usual mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle... it was the best burger i have ever had... besides the things already listed it had cheddar, bacon, and BANANA PEPPERS... awesome!!!