Friday, June 12, 2009

Personal-sized Ziti

Last night I came home and thought about exercising. And then my stomach growled and I thought, "Um no. Baked ziti time!" 

Baked ziti is a big source of contention in my family because my mom says it needs sausage and I say what it needs is MORE CHEESE. I also didn't have any ricotta, so for my little personal-sized ziti, I chopped up fresh mozzarella into tiny cubes and mixed it in with the pasta and sauce before layering the "Italian Blend" shredded cheese on top. Popped it in the oven at 350 and minutes later, I had melty, gooey goodness.

I have one major regret: I should have let that cheese burn. I love burnt cheese, but my grumbling stomach couldn't wait any longer. 

So, friends, what belongs in a ziti? Sausage? Ricotta? Seven types of cheese, all burnt? Do share.


Bret said...

i say compromise and put in sausage AND more cheese.

gina-mom said...

i totally agree with bret... and everyone should love burnt cheese although american is better burnt than mozzarella... i like burnt popcorn, too

Amanda said...

mmm... I'd say sausage and light on the cheese, but there should always be plenty, plenty of good sauce. A dry ziti isn't worth eating.